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SnowALP - Collect snow height data to help climate change studies

SnowALP is a mobile app for crowd-sourcing snow height data, based on an idea of ARPA Valle d'Aosta and Mountain-eering developed in collaboration with the "Centro Funzionale" of the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley.

SnowALP aims to engage mountain enthusiasts in the observation and collection of environmental data such as snow depth. Collected data is used to estimate the amount of water stored as snow (i.e. Snow Water Equivalent, SWE) in the Alps.

Using SnowALP you will help studies of climate change impacts and water management.

The app is available for Android (tested on Android 4.4) and for iOS (tested on iOS8).

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SnowALP is very easy to use:

  • download it from the Google Play store or the Apple Store
  • register, activate your account through the confirmation e-mail and login
  • read the help page
  • go out and start measuring!!

Site Selection

Measures must be representative of natural snow conditions in your location. Avoid: ski trails, areas where snow has been marked by skiers, avalanche accumulations, blowing snows, areas eroded by wind, like ridges and bumps and very steep slopes. Beside that you can measure wherever you like. Upload as much data as you can!


How to collect data?

Use an avalanche probe marked with a centimeter scale. If your probe is not marked, make signs each 5 cm using a permanent marker. You can even use a meter stick but, most important, remember to switch on the GPS of your mobile!. Once you choose your measurement site, sample snow height in few points in a 2-5 meters radius, to be sure that height data are consistent. It's important to reach the base of the snow mantle. Pay attention to ice rinds especially during late winter and spring. With experience you'll be able to easily recognize the probe sound when you reach an ice rind and thus you'll be faster in identifying the base of the snow mantle.


Your measures will be automatically saved on your device and sent to our server upon the first available internet connection. You can check the list of delivered reports clicking on "Measures sent".

SnowALP is available in four languages: itallian, french, english and german. 

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