The story of asbestos - Asbestos through time

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The story of asbestos - Asbestos through time

Writer: Carlo Albonico. Artist: Pierluigi Sangalli.


Nowadays, comics have been revalued and regarded as an important and effective means of communication and information, after the suspicion of the times gone against them and their content. For this reason, an album about asbestos has been produced in order to inform and awaken public opinion to this topic. The comic-strips about asbestos aim to provide simple and clear information about asbestos, its properties, its main use, its dangerousness for human health, the most important regulations, reclamation and the role of the institutions which citizens can address to, as appropriate, to face a specific problem. Local authorities and associations which are institutionally as variously involved in the prevention of health and environmental protection can use this means of communication effectively to provide environmental education to the children attending primary and secondary school.

ISBN: 978-88-905594-3-3

Keywords: asbestos, chrysotile, Eternit, mesothelioma, environmental education